Wine and cheese gift baskets are always a practical gift for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.

Gift baskets of wine and cheese are great for delivery to family or friends for a birthday and they are perfect to send to your business acquaintances.  Often may companies send wine and cheese gift baskets  as a corporate gift as a holiday gift.

There are several kinds of gift baskets that you can send for delivery.  There are fine wine gifts arranged in red wine gift baskets or white wine gift selections.  You can get some that are full of Italian wines or champagne.  The wine and cheese baskets usually offer pairing that compliment each other.  Plus there are usually gourmet gifts full of items like chocolate and nuts.

Lets take a look at a few most popular wine and cheese gift baskets:

Cabernet & Cheese Picnic Basket
Wine Cheese Picnic BasketThis wine and cheese gift basket has a nice rectangular wicker wine basket with a big plaid red bow that can be used for something else after the wine and cheese are all eaten up.

It comes with a selection of three Cabernet Sauvignon red wines.  It comes with one from Robert Mondavi Private Selection, one from the Beaulieu Vinyards Private Cellars, and then one from Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat.

There are several cheeses that have been selected to pair with the included fine wines.  You will get Brie, Provolone, Cranberry Cheddar cheeses.  Of course there are also some tasty crackers, pretzels, and biscotti to go with the wines and cheeses in this gourmet gift.

Red Wine, Fruit & Gourmet Gift Basket
Wine Gourmet Gift BasketThis wine and cheese gift basket is fit for a king!

Are you looking for a holiday gift basket to impress your boss?  Perhaps you are in charge of shipping out the corporate gift baskets.  Or maybe you need a large gourmet gift basket to send to a family gathering that you just can get to in person.

This wine gift basket is loaded with goodies! There is some red wine from Sonoma County, a Domaine Ste. Michelle sparkling champagne, a bunch of fresh fruit like pears, apples, and oranges.  Then they have included an assortment of cheeses like smoked Gouda, muenster and cheddar.

Gourmet treats like cookies, chocolate, and nuts fill this great basket.  If you are looking for a certain treat, then it is likely to be in here!  This basket price is a little high for some, but it is perfect for making a big impact!

Cheese, Crackers & White Wine Gift Basket
Wine Gift BasketIf you want to make a smaller dent in your bank account, then this puppy is perfect for you.  It is a simple wine and cheese gift basket that is perfect for a small gift to let that special someone know that you are thinking of them.

There is a nice Covey Run Riesling white wine that comes with Havarti, cheddar, and muenster cheese selections, some crispy crackers and biscuits.  There are Virginia peanuts just to top the basket off.

There really is a vast range of wine gift basket selections from which to choose.  So search a little and find just the right one for your needs.  People always get excited with the delivery of holiday gift baskets.

Shipping costs are not too bad for gift baskets, although you do need to pay attention to where you are shipping as some states can not make a delivery across state lines.  So just be aware when ordering.

Wine Pairing Info:

Historically, baskets have always been used to to gather and transport things.  Basket materials were based on what was available locally and ranged from reeds to vines to braided wool, wire and even clay.

A gift basket is usually a good answer if you just dont have any specific item to buy as a gift for someone.  Usually there is a little something for everyone in these types of gifts.

And with the variety of red wines and white wines and all the different kinds of cheese, there is virtually no end to the variations that you can find in wine and cheese gift baskets.